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FastFloor Garage Tiles

Fastfloor Garage Tiles are a durable inter-locking floor tile system developed to allow for an easy to install, instant floor finishing which can be utilised in a wide range of areas that require heavy-duty flooring. The DIY-ers out there will have no problems installing FastFloor without the need for glues or hazardous chemicals which can leave a mess, they simply snap in to place, no complicated installation procedures involved at all. Unlike traditional garage floors made from concrete, FastFloor Tiles will never chip, crack or stain and can easily withstand all form of household and industrial chemicals, simply spray it down with water and it will look like new. FastFloor comes in 9 exciting colours and measure 20cm squared per tile (450mm x 450mm x 5mm).

FastFloor Colours FastFloor Garage Tiles FastFloor Garage Tiles FastFloor Garage Tiles FastFloor Garage Tiles

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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Garage Flooring will transform your old, boring concrete floor from a rough, easy to stain surface into a smooth, good-looking and durable floor you can work on without concern. Our epoxy flooring system allows you to customise your garage and proudly display your individual style through an astonishing range of colourful alternatives. Reminiscent of granite and equally tough, you will be satisfied with our selection of Epoxy Garage Floor Finishings immediately. If you are unable to find a suitable match in our colour catalogue, no worries, we can blend the perfect mix of epoxy flakes to achieve the floor style of your dreams. Whether your epoxy flooring preference is dramatic or subtle; you have the choice and your garage will be the envy of the neighbourhood because of how much brighter, cleaner and more inviting it will be.

FastFloor Colours Epoxy Garage Flooring Epoxy Garage Flooring Epoxy Garage Flooring Epoxy Garage Flooring

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