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There are no shortcuts to a quality garage storage solution

We have been in the garage storage industry for many years and the most important motto we follow is that "there are no shortcuts to a quality finish". It is all in the preparation and everything else follows suit. A new storage system for your garage, shed or work space always starts with a quote, then a design so we have a bullet-proof plan... we follow the plan and you will get a garage storage solution installed to your exact requirements. We carefully design your garage storage system in the beginning to accommodate everything you need stored in the end: "a place for everything and everything in its place." We also design around any changes that may occur in the future, taking in to consideration future homeowners or the addition of a bigger car.

I have been installing quality garage makeovers for 6 years and have never got over how blown away our clients are once they see the finished product. This gives me great satisfaction knowing my job actually helps improve peoples lives.


STEP 1: The Quote


It all begins with a quote and once our designers arrive at your house they will present you with various garage storage products and former job brochures for you to gather storage ideas and inspiration if you're still undecided. While they are measuring out your garage, they will be asking you questions about what areas you would like to use for your storage solution and what items you own. Not only do we consider your current belongings, we will also be planning in storage solutions for your future belongings too.

We usually give an estimated price with on-site sketches so we can start finding a budget to work with. Once we have a complete client brief, all necessary measurements and an agreed upon final costings, we begin to finalise a design for your garage.


STEP 2: The Design


A good garage design is vital if you are considering a large garage makeover. All our garage designs concur with our onsite measurements and client brief and are done by Computer-Aided-Design (CAD), meaning that all the measurements will fit right down to the millimetre. Once the designs are approved, they become a working contract between the Garage Outfitters and our clients, protecting us both from any misinterpretations and mistakes.

We firmly believe that a good garage design, quality garage storage products and a professional garage installation will leave you with a great, lasting result. A good design takes time and skill, so we provide them at a minimal cost which will be deducted from the final bill if you choose to use our installation services and products.


STEP 3: The Installation


The Garage Outfitters do all sorts of installations, from our overhead storage solutions up top, to our garage flooring solutions down below, and everything else in between, we can install it all for you. A professional installation goes beyond just putting up storage cabinets or garage shelving. Productivity, timeliness, cleanliness and courtesy are all equally important in a quality garage storage installation.

Our employees include carpenters, cabinet-makers, bricklayers, painters, epoxy applicators and with our trusted licensed electricians and plumbers, no job is too big, we have all trade-areas covered and all the necessary insurances. From Product to installation, quality is key, we strive to make you comfortable with the entire installation process along the way.

Setup a Quote Feel free to continue browsing our products or our makeover gallery for inspiration. Otherwise, why not set up a quote and see how we can transform your Garage today...


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